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Trails of Cold Steel III Gives Us A Closer Look At Azure Siegfried, Red Roselia, Vita, Rutger



Falcom recently revealed four characters set to appear in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III, and the company has gone up with a closer look and more details for the familiar faces.


[Note: It goes without saying, but the following character details are full of spoilers, so those of you who are still playing the first two games might want to keep that in mind before proceeding.]


“Azure” Siegfried (CV: ???)

Age: ???


A mysterious man clad in an azure coat, who wears a mask to hide his face, and dual-wields pistols. His appearance resembles a “certain someone” that spent precious days with Rean and the other former members of Class VII.





“Red” Roselia (CV: Kaori Mizuhashi)

Age: ???


A unique girl with long blonde hair and an old fashioned way of speaking. She occasionally appears before Rean to share enigmatic advice. She also has a strong resemblance to a character named “Red Moon Rose” that appears in a novel based on an incident that took place 200 years ago.






Vita Clotilde (CV: Yukar Tamura)

Age: 26


A member of the Hexen Clan and the second Anguis of the secret society called Ouroboros, where she’s nicknamed “Azure Abyss.” In order to carry on with the “Phantasmal Blaze Plan” for The Society, Vita used the Noble Alliance to create a “stage” for a battle of Divine Knights between Crow and Raven.


However, after the Duke Cayenne lost control of the situation, manifestation of Testa-Rossa, the Vermillion Knight, was permitted, and at the same time Crow lost his life the plan was taken over  by the “Blood and Iron Chancellor” Giliath Osborne.


After entrusting Crow’s remains to Rean and the others, Clotidle vanished and hasn’t been seen or heard from after cutting off contact with The Society. She continues laying low to avoid the Intelligence Office as well as the Railway Police, and has been investigating the “Black Workshop” and Osborne.






Rutger Claussell (CV: Hochu Otsuka)

Age: 50


A battle-hardened man nicknamed “Jaeger King” as the leader of the Jaeger Corps, Zephyr.


He’s a quirky individual who can be tough to deal with, but his prowess that allows him to take on any war situation with the destructive “Buster Glaive” weapon helped gather top-class jaegers to the group. His elusive tactics are well-acknowledged by the others from the Jaeger Corps.


However, he was thought to have fallen in a one-on-one fight with an enemy leader when the Red Constellation and Zephyr were hired by opposing clients.


He was seen taking his last breath by Fie and company, and the members of Zephyr were thought to have dispersed, but…?






The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III releases in Japan on September 28, 2017 for PlayStation 4.

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