Tree Of Savior Devs Talk About Perma-Item Loss And Enhancing Weapons



The Tree of Savior developer have provided another set of answers to hotly asked questions, including more details on permanent item loss. It sounds like the game doesn’t intend for everything to be handed out on a silver platter.


Earlier, they unveiled some of the classes to be found in the game, including the Peltasta. They noted that the class had an extra special option: Players could choose to engage in some risky play by throwing the Peltasta’s shield—a long range attack for an otherwise melee-only class. But you had to then physically grab the shield back off the floor or it would disappear. Permanently.


The developer has confirmed that this was working as intended as a risk for the class to balance its capabilities. For clarity, yes, this means that you could lose your epic magical raid shield of plus one thousand if you’re not paying attention or throw it off into some unreachable location.



People asked what the Male Alchemist class looked like. Ta-da!

Perma-item loss also extends to item enhancement. Gear will come with an extra stat called Potential. This decreases whenever you enhance it. When it reaches one, you probably shouldn’t mess around with trying to make it better, as it can then be broken irreparably and so disappear. This sounds like a risk-versus-reward mechanic, though we know little else about enhancements.


If you’re looking to repair gear as they get damaged, you also want to talk to the Squire class. Besides costing less cash to repair and getting items repaired outside of town, the Squire can also enhance items beyond their original or intrinsic stats. That might play into the Potential bit we just mentioned.


It’s also nice to know that different forms of weapons will also work better on different types of foes. Sword users can bludgeon as well as slash, which do more damage to some enemies. Spear users, on the other hand, get bonus damage against gigantic-sized creatures and can attack from slightly further away.



Sorcerers skills work a little differently in the item loss department. As mentioned, these summoners can grab a boss’s card after defeating foes. This can then be inserted into their Grimoire deck for a sorcerer to actually create a summonable version of the boss as their pet. See above for a sample shot of a monster and its summoned version on the right. Yes, that is the sorcerer riding the demon as a mount.


In order to increase the level of this new demonic pet, you sacrifice other cards to it. If you’ve played a lot of the social mobile games like Puzzle & Dragons, it works the same way.


Finally, an interesting piece of news. If you choose to play the Alchemist class, which brews potions and other sundry items, you won’t necessarily log out your character while crafting. Instead, your character will remain in the world, happily brewing away. So, uh, don’t do this in a dangerous place, eh?