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Triangle Strategy Alternate Box Art Cover Offered as My Nintendo Reward

Triangle Strategy alternate box art cover artwork as My Nintendo reward to download and print for 30 Platinum Points

My Nintendo is offering a Triangle Strategy alternate box art cover as a new reward. The reward costs 30 Platinum Points and will be available until July 30, 2022. The art consists of the main Triangle Strategy protagonists standing together at a gateway.

In order to obtain the reward, you simply click the “Redeem” button on the website listing. Then you can download a high-resolution Triangle Strategy alternate box art cover and print it using your home printer. Nintendo says to print it at “Actual Size” using letter-sized paper, and it recommends using “Gloss Text-type” paper for maximum effect.

Square Enix released Triangle Strategy exclusively on Nintendo Switch yesterday, March 4. It is a strategy RPG about the delicate balance between three kingdoms in the continent of Norzelia. The Nintendo Switch eShop currently offers a free demo of the game to download, and progress made in the demo is transferable to the full retail release. Square Enix has offered game demos with transferable progress on several occasions now, including for Octopath Traveler and Dragon Quest XI S.

The Triangle Strategy alternate box art cover reward will be available to redeem at My Nintendo until July 30, 2022. Triangle Strategy is immediately available on the Nintendo Switch.

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