Tsukihime Remake Has New Characters And Story Elements


Yes, the Tsukihime remake is still in development. It’s being referred to as Tsukihime Rebirth, and in the latest issue of Type-Moon Ace, creators Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi shared a few tidbits of info we hadn’t heard before, and there’s a couple of other pieces of interesting information you’ll want to know as well, so read on. (Thanks, Demonisshon)


Nasu and Takeuchi reveal that Tsukihime Rebirth’s setting has moved from the outskirts of Tokyo to the city. Since the theme a warm rural town and strange or unnatural incidents occurring has already been explored in Mahou Tsukai no Yoru, the theme of Tsukihime Rebirth will instead focus on vampire incidents in a city setting, so it sounds as though Type-Moon aren’t straying too far from the original.


That said, Nasu and Takeuchi say they wish for audiences to rediscover Tsukihime. Nasu states in the interview: “Personally, I felt pretty much the same as I did when working on Mahou Tsukai no Yoru. As we improved the graphics, I felt like improving the scenario, too. Basically, though we’ve stuck to the original [concept], we’ve enhanced several aspects of the game.”


Nasu also says: “We aimed at getting the maximum out of Type-Moon’s experience up until now. That’s the meaning behind ‘rebirth’.”


There are new additions to Tsukihime Rebirth, too. Among these is a new character, Noel, who appears to be a school teacher.


“We wanted to expand the world in the remake version and we were quite certain that it would be much more interesting like this. Noel is one of the characters representing this ‘expanded world’,” says Type-Moon’s Takashi Takeuchi.


Outside of Noel, Nasu has purportedly hinted at Type-Moon maybe doing something with the 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors. He states in the magazine: “For example; the settings and ranks for the 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors has also completely changed. [We’re] removing stuff that we believe has now been completely used up and thus become boring, and replacing it with new things. Putting more effort into what has become of greater importance compared to the previous version. Things like that.”


Because of Nasu’s quote, there’s speculation that Altrouge Brunestud might make an appearance in the game, although this doesn’t appear to have been explicitly confirmed, as far as we know.


Moving along, as previously reported, all of the Tsukihime characters have been redesigned, including Shiki, who now looks a little more grown up. His knife has been redesigned, too. Regarding his design, Type-Moon illustrator Hirokazu Koyama tweeted: “I’m not the one that drew Shiki. Don’t blame me for the black-rimmed glasses either. I only coloured him. I also did the knife design. I was asked not to make it too threatening.”


Also among the improvements is the Tohno Manor, which has been redesigned from scratch, too, according to Type-Moon. Meanwhile, new images of the updated designs for the game’s other characters can be seen below.





Wait, that’s it? No release window? Yep. That’s all you get. Have fun!

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