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Tsukihime Remake Will Launch in Japan in Summer 2021

Tsukihime Remake PS4 Switch 2021

Aniplex and Type-Moon announced that the Tsukihime remake is coming to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan in Summer 2021. The announcement appeared during the special Fate New Year’s Eve special live stream. The remake is officially titled Tsukihime: A Piece of Blue Glass Moon. [Thanks, PR Times.]

Type-Moon staff, including Kinoko Nasu and artist Takashi Takeuchi, will work together to remake Tsukihime.  The original released for PCs in December 2000. Tsukihime: A Piece of Blue Glass Moon, will keep its original looks, but will be all presented in a new way.

Here’s some more information about its staff, as a roster appeared on the official website:

  • Scenario & Director: Kinoko Nasu
  • Character Designer: Takashi Takeuchi
  • Art Director: Hirokazu Koyama
  • Graphics: Takao Sougetsu, Kaetsu, Shima Udon, Shiri Neko
  • Direction & Script: BLACK
  • Script: Urushinohara
  • Program: Kiyobee
  • Music: Hideyuki Fukasawa, Keita Haga
  • Logo Design: WINFANWORKS
  • Theme Song “Seimeisen” by ReoNa (SACRA MUSIC)
  • Opening Animation: ufotable
  • Planning & Production: TYPE-MOON

In addition to the above key visual, Type-Moon and Aniplex provided a few screenshots from the game:

Tsukihime Remake Nintendo Switch

Tsukihime Remake Nintendo Switch

Tsukihime Remake PS4

Type Moon BB

And here’s a reveal trailer.

Tsukihime: A Piece of Blue Glass Moon, the Tsukihime remake, will release for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch in Summer 2021 in Japan. In October 2019, Type-Moon said that the Tsukihime remake was in the midst of the testing phase of its development cycle. Before that, we learned back in July 2015 that the remake would have new characters and story elements.

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