Turn Don’t Starve Together Into A Cute’em Up With Touhou Mods


The Touhou universe is filled with characters, all of which are incredibly capable of fighting against all sorts of monsters, saving the world, and beating the odds. But, the real question is, would they survive in the wilderness? With Don’t Starve Together mods, people can answer that question. Even better, they can see if characters from the series would play well off of each other and keep each other alive.




Reimu is Touhou’s main heroine, so it’s only fitting she gets her own mod. Kagurasaka Mafuyu made a character mod for Don’t Starve Together, Flowers for a grave translated it, and DekGym3Atom released a fix for some crafting issues tied to it. She has 100 health, 150 hunger, and 120 sanity. She’s a good character to send to fight monsters, as she isn’t afraid of them, is 1.3x faster than Wilson, and comes equipped with a Purifying Rod and Ofuda single use projectile. (Don’t worry, as you can craft more Ofudas.) Her Purifying Rod does sap one hunger and sanity per each attack, so be careful. But, she also has an infinite durability Yin-Yang Orb torch, which will be helpful. She’d be a good character for beginners.




Another good beginner character is Arcade and Sihh’s Kasan Ibaraki. Like her Touhou counterpart, this Don’t Starve Together fan creation is a friend to animals. Not all of them, but pigs and catcoons will follow her if she feeds them, acting as her allies. Most animals tend to like her, and she also gains sanity faster. She has great stats too, with health at 175, hunger at 150, and sanity at 200. Her items include a Medicine Box that can heal others, if she collects spider glands for it and can use sanity to make Light Orbs that will offer light for days. (They look like balloons at the moment.) You may want to keep her close to camp, while using a more attack-focused character like Reimu or Momiji as her partner.




Speaking of Momiji Inubashiri, she’s another Touhou character made for Don’t Starve Together by Arcade and Sihh. She’s great for slightly more experienced characters, due to her low health. Her stats are 70 health, 200 hunger, and 175 sanity. Think of her as a scout character. She comes with a sword that deals 45 damage and shield with 50% damage reduction. However, it only has 300 uses, so you’ll need to upkeep it with flint or be ready to craft replacements. Her hat also provides a sanity boost and is an exclusive item. Combine that with her incredible speed and increased field of vision, and you have a character who can handle reconnaissance while her partner helps build a safe base of operations.




There’s also a Chen mod, from Sesamecat. It’s an in-progress, testing mod, but features many of the bakeneko’s traits. Chen comes with a fishing rod, because cats like fish. She’s also weak in the rain, due to an innate dislike of water. She’s slightly faster than characters like Wilson too. Her stats are 160 health, 125 hunger, and 175 sanity.


If you really want to complete the package, it can all be tied together with Soloman’s Touhou Music Mod. It has two configurations that adds 20 songs from the shoot’em up to Don’t Starve Together. They’re divided into season, with three songs for each time of day, a danger song, and one song for every season’s boss fight. In the game’s Mod Config menu, you can set the music up.


All of these Don’t Starve Together mods can be installed by clicking their subscribe buttons in the Steam Workshop. The Don’t Starve Together beta is immediately available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. People get two copies for $14.99, so they can send one to a friend.

Jenni Lada
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