TWEWY Anime Teaser Focuses on Neku

twewy anime teaser

We have another look at the animated adaptation of The World Ends With You. This time, it seems plucked from the very first episode and appears to look at Neku as he comes to terms with the fact that something is absolutely not right. Basically, the minute and a half TWEWY anime teaser shows hoe detached he is from the real world and he’s in the middle of a whole new ballgame.

For those familiar with the game, the scene should look familiar. We see Neku in an alleyway, with static obscuring most of the scene. He wakes up in the middle of the Shibuya Scramble Crossing. He has two Player Pins (for the Reaper’s Game) in his hand quickly realizes that not only do people not see him, but they can even pass right through him.

This is the second TWEWY anime teaser so far. Previously, one appeared at Anime EXPO 2020. It was a more introductory one, showing how the series will look. (It also showed an updated take on technology, as the characters use smartphones instead of flip phones now.) Prior to that, the show itself was teased in the Anime EXPO 2020 program’s cover art.

The World Ends with You anime will air worldwide in 2021. Funimation confirmed it will have it for people who want to stream it.

Jenni Lada
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