Two New Transformers Coming To Transformers Universe MMO



The Transformers universe will soon be getting its own free-to-play online browser-based PC game with Transformers Universe, a “massive online tactical action” title from developer and publisher of online game RuneScape, Jagex. In this reveal, they show off the Autobot Showdown and Decepticon Mismatch.




Transformers Universe will allow players to swap between vehicle and robot modes at will, speeding around the battlefield in vehicle mode before transforming into their robot forms almost instantaneously. The game is spread out in various arenas and maps with objectives such as Domination location captures. Each unit comes with their own set of weapons—such as Showdown’s Inertial Surge Cannon or Arc Hammer—as well as special abilities and effects. Showdown, for instance, can keep pouring on the firepower with his specials such as Power Surge, while simultaneously keeping both himself and allies up with Shield Flux or Energy Converter.



Meet my little friend.




On the flip side, Mismatch’s combination of scrap parts makes him an excellent hit-and-run combatant who still does well in the thick of things with allies. His long range Fragmentation Rocket Launcher has the unique ability to blow off chunks of foes that become free repairs for his junkyard frame, while Repair Transducer actually turns incoming damage into healing, while he gets reduced spark damage the more allies are near him.


Transformers Universe is expected to be out on PC some time 2014.