U-Treasure’s New Pikachu Solitaire Ring Costs Over $10,000

Pokemon Pikachu solitaire ring

U-Treasure has started selling a new premium solitaire ring modeled after Pokemon‘s mascot Pikachu in Japan. The ring is immediately available to order and costs ¥1,169,400 (~$10,250).

The jewelry maker had previously sold similar rings at lower prices in April 2021. The rings feature a solitaire diamond sized around 0.25 to 0.45 carat surrounded by a male and female Pikachu. What sets this new ring apart from the others is that it will support a larger 1.032-carat diamond. Furthermore, the first 30 people who purchase this ring will also obtain a limited ring case modeled after the Master Ball.

Each ring will be custom-made to meet the buyer’s needs. Other than a variety of sizes, U-Treasure also lets the customer input unique text like date and initials. It will then engrave that text on the ring. The brand will finish and deliver the customized ring within six weeks.

Pokemon Master Ball case for Pikachu solitaire ring

U-Treasure had previously made necklaces of famous Pokemon like Pikachu, Riolu, and Lucario. The brand also made jewelry based on other game franchises, such as Monster HunterOkami, and Kingdom Hearts.

However, this new premium Pikachu solitaire ring is not the most expensive item the brand has offered to date. It also revealed a high-quality silver chess set inspired by Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai, priced at a whopping 3.3 million yen or around $30,000.

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