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Fate/Extella Is Changing A Bonus Costume For Gilgamesh Due To “Various Reasons”


0b339f6d Marvelous recently revealed the premium editions for Fate/Extella, and it didn’t take long for the company to announce that they need to change a certain costume that comes as one of its bonuses.


The costume in question is Gilgamesh’s “Coldhearted Bloodless Warden” outfit that comes included with the 19,990 yen “Velber Box” edition or the 8,980 yen Regalia Box version for PS Vita.


Here’s what Marvelous had to say about it in their recent statement:


“In regard to Gilgamesh’s costume ‘Coldhearted Bloodless Warden’ product code, we will be changing its design and content due to various reasons.


We ask for your understanding and hope to receive your continued patronage in the future.


As for the new design and content change, we will provide information as soon as it’s been decided.”


Marvelous didn’t go into detail about what was wrong with Gilgamesh’s costume that needed to be changed, but it most likely has to do with its close resemblance to that of a Nazi officer’s uniform that some of you may have picked up on.


Fate/Extella will release in Japan on November 10, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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