Unicorn Overlord Gameplay Trailer Goes Over Class Promotions and Training
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Unicorn Overlord Gameplay Trailer Goes Over Class Promotions and Training

Atlus shared yet another Unicorn Overlord gameplay trailer, with the focus this time being on features that help make characters stronger like training and class promotions. It spends three minutes going over how players can strengthen their army outside of battle.

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As usual, this clip is framed as the player’s avatar Prince Alain being trained by the Holy Knight Josef. Things begin by looking at the different classes each character in the army belongs to. It then notes how adapting the army to each situation will help with winning. As you earn honors as you play through quests, you can spend them to promote a unit. The example in the Unicorn Overlord video shows the Swordfighter Giselbert becoming a Swordmaster after the player uses 30 honors to change their class. 

There will also be supplemental battles for players called Auxiliary Stages. These are Sigils of the Ancients fights that offer opportunities to fight. The example shown in the video was The Sigil’s Trial, Beginner 1 and involved Knight and Soldier enemy classes. These offer opportunities to earn experience and can be repeated. The video also showed a reward from the fight could be a Treatise, like a Novice Military Treatise item that gives a minimum 50 EXP to a unit when used.

Here’s the full Unicorn Overlord “Josef’s Guide to Training” trailer:

We’ve been seeing quite a few of these informational videos going over Unicorn Overlord gameplay ahead of launch. For example, one of the latest ones focused on how relationships that develop between characters as you fight or have your avatar make decisions would influence in-battle elements. Another showed what it was like to explore the game’s world and liberate towns or forts.

Unicorn Overlord will come to the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X on March 8, 2024. 

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