Universal Studios Japan 2022 Parades Will Include Mario and Pikachu

Universal Studios Japan No Limit Parade will include Pikachu and Mario

Universal Studios Japan will hold the No Limit! Parade in Spring 2022 and include Mario and Pikachu into the lineup. The respective mascots of Nintendo and Pokemon will join other famous characters like Hello Kitty, Snoopy, the Minions, and Sesame Street‘s Elmo.

The parade will run regularly in the daytime and feature floats of famous characters. It will also play a variety of music, from 1960’s rock to contemporary electronic dance music. The Japanese press release added that the parade may feature more characters from Nintendo games other than Mario.

This new inclusion will further deepen the cooperation between Universal Studios Japan and Nintendo. The collaboration started when the Osaka-based theme park opened a Super Nintendo World area with Mario-themed attractions. It also plans to add another area dedicated to Donkey Kong in 2024.

Recently on October 6, 2021, Universal Studios Japan entered a long-term partnership with The Pokemon Company. The companies expected to hold their first collaboration in 2022. Pikachu’s debut in the upcoming parade will mark that cooperation.

The theme park has also held collaborations with other famous Japanese franchises outside Nintendo, such as the Jump manga titles. It is currently running temporary attractions based on One Piece and Demon Slayer.

Universal Studios Japan’s No Limit! Parade will run regularly from Spring 2022 for approximately a year.

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