An Upcoming Crossover Event Blends The Worlds Of Terraria And Dungeon Defenders II



An upcoming crossover event will see the worlds of Re-Logic’s Terraria and Trendy Entertainment’s Dungeon Defenders II mix. In the official announcement trailer below, the characters from both games are seen using some type of portal to invade each other’s worlds. [Thanks, PCGamer.]






Additionally, here’s more information from an official announcement about the crossover:


“In this rare crossover event, Terraria players will get to experience intense invasion-style action straight from the magical realm of Etheria, while Dungeon Defenders 2 players will enlist the help of an ancient and powerful hero to face down new threats of a distinctly Terrarian nature.”


“Terraria fans will get a new Dungeon Defenders 2-themed event with special enemies and loot accessible to new players and engaging for veteran players. Dungeon Defenders 2 will receive new maps, gear, vanity items and more inspired by Terraria, as well as a brand-new hero available for purchase: the Dryad.”


The Terraria and Dungeon Defenders II collaboration is scheduled to launch sometime near the end of this year. A developer livestream will be held on November 11, and more details on the event are expected to be shared then.


Terraria and Dungeon Defenders II are available for PC.