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Valkyria: Azure Revolution Is Getting Big Changes To Make It Less Action-y And More Strategy RPG



Valkyria: Azure Revolution’s demo has been met with all kinds of mixed reception, and director Takeshi Ozawa revealed that they’re using player feedback to give it more of a strategy RPG feel to it. [Thanks, Hachima.]


  • The Battle Demo ver. 1.0 got about three times the amount of player feedback as they had expected.


  • There was plenty of harsh feedback.


  • The battle system will get a big change from the demo version. You’ll be able to see more detail on the official website, but it is more RPG-like now.


  • The battle in the demo version was a lot more on the action-side for an RPG, so you couldn’t strategize too well while playing, so a new action gauge has been added for allies and enemies.


  • The system will make it so that actions can be done when the gauge fills up.


  • It’s been changed so that a player can optionally stop time while using weapons and abilities.


  • Because it has the Valkyria name to its title, Ozawa felt that a more strategic kind of battle would be in demand. That said, since you’ll be fighting with a unit, in order to properly use your allies allies he’s thinking of a way to customize their AI. They’re also adding a way to add direct commands.


  • The total number of party members has been changes from three to four members.


  • Field encounters have been removed.


  • The next demo is expected to be available sometime this summer.


Valkyria: Azure Revolution will release in Japan in winter 2016 for PlayStation 4.

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