Valkyria: Azure Revolution Introduces Brigitta Ulrich, Blum Thomason, And Helena Andersen

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Sega revealed the latest details on Valkyria: Azure Revolution with details on three new characters of Brigitta Ulrich, Blum Thomason, and Helena Andersen in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Otakomu.]




Brigitta Ulrich:



When Vanargand came to be, Brigitta decided to take an aptitude test to join for her love of country and justice. While she didn’t score too high, she was allowed to join because they saw the potential in her. Since she was raised in a house of teachers, she’s quite the serious and intellectual character, but they say that she’s completely different while holding a gun.


Vanargand is a unit that was made to fight against the Empire’s Valkyria. The “Ragnite Elite” have members that were selected based on their Ragnite suitability, used for Hexes, and were chosen even if they didn’t have military experience. Each member uses magic weapons that were created with Ragnite, and they each have enough power to go head-to-head against tanks.




Blum Thomason:

Age: 18


Blum is from the shopping district area of Jutland’s capital, Elsinoa. He’s known for his manual dexterity, and has played with items that use Ragnite. He was forced by his childhood friend Helena into taking the aptitude test to join Vanargand.


Helena Andersen:

Age: 18


Helena is the pretty girl of a cafe at the capital Elsinoa. She takes the aptitude test for joining Vanargand in order to save her country. Helena hates losing and has a strong sense of ambition. She gets a bit annoyed upon finding out that her childhood friend Blum scores higher on the test they took together.


Valkyria: Azure Revolution will release in Japan in winter 2016 for PlayStation 4.

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