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Valkyria Chronicles 4 Details New Characters And Leveling System; VC1 Protagonist Returns In DLC


5a38c9d8e41bf Sega shared new details on Valkyria Chronicles 4 in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine with info on new characters, the leveling system, and the return of Welkin Gunther for a DLC mission. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]


Angelica Farnaby (CV: Ayane Sakura): A private citizen girl who lost her memories. She’s cheerful, selfless, and popular with the soldiers. There’s a scene that shows her going up against the Snowstorm Witch Crimaria.


Karen Stewart (CV: Yuka Saito): A quiet medic. Since she was raised in a household full of men, she gets along well with the guys.


Ragnarok:  Medic dog.



Minerva Victor (CV: Saori Hayami): (Pictured above) Platoon leader of the F Platoon. She’s a calm character and has a strong respect for the Knight’s Code of Chivalry, and gets along with her platoon members.


In Valkyria Chronicles 4 you won’t be leveling up each unit individually, but will instead level the infantry as a whole. This can be done by splitting up the experience points gained from training. After a certain level the infantry can be upgraded.


There’s also a DLC called “A United Front With The 7th Platoon” that takes place in Gallia where the 7th Platoon teams up with Valkyria Chronicles protagonist Welkin Gunther for a mission. This will come attached with the Memorial Pack.


Valkyria Chronicles 4 releases in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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