Vampyre Cosmetics Will Release Silent Hill Makeup

Silent Hill make-up
Image via Team Silent Hill Twitter

Vampyre Cosmetics will launch a Silent Hill makeup collection some time in the future. According to the Silent Hill Twitter account announcement, it will feature imagery from the games. It’s unclear if we’ll see that in the design of the palette itself, in the colors, or in both aspects.

The Silent Hill games always featured a rather dreary gray aesthetic in the titular town. But once you’re in the Otherworld, things change. The red is dark and rusty, and the mold ranges from green to black. In saying that though, Vampyre Cosmetics does sell a variety of palettes with bright and vibrant shades. So you likely will have more choices than the games’ color schemes. Vampyre Cosmetics also sold palettes in the past that resemble books. So there is the possibility that the palette will look like items such as the Lost Memories book in Silent Hill 2.

Vampyre Cosmetics is a brand that markets itself as a beauty disruptor, which bucks conventional beauty constructs for more individual ones. All of the products are vegan, cruelty-free, and talc-free. The company itself is owned by women, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBT+. It has had collaborations with Emily the Strange, Alice Cooper, and the Winchester Mystery House.

Though the Silent Hill series has fallen on hard times after years of no releases, Konami announced a flurry of activity during 2022. Silent Hill: Townfall, Silent Hill: Ascension, and Silent Hill F are all new titles that are currently in development. There is also a remake of Silent Hill 2 in development for the PS5 and Windows PC.

The Silent Hill makeup collection from Vampyre Cosmetics will appear on the company’s site in the near future.

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