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Vanillaware-like The Vagrant Is Journeying to the Nintendo Switch

the vagrant

The Chinese hand-painted action game The Vagrant, which originally started as a Kickstarter project from 2015 and that was released later in 2017 for PCs via Steam Early Access, is now headed to the Nintendo Switch. The porting work is being done by Dico, and publishing work will be handled by Rainy Frog.

For those not familiar with The Vagrant, it’s an action game with an art direction that is heavily inspired by George Kamitani and Vanillaware’s games. In fact, the developers are big fans of Vanillaware in general, which we covered in our interview with them back in 2017. Action-wise, battles occur on a 2D plane with some platforming elements, with a light and heavy attack combination system that’s easy to understand. Players can also mix in various attacks skills, dodge rolls, double jumps, and more to chain their own combos.

Here’s a previous trailer for The Vagrant below:

According to Dico, the Nintendo Switch version is a 100% complete port of the Steam version of the game and is being developed for the worldwide audience. Apart from the languages supported in the PC version, the Switch version will also include an additional French localization. No release date was given for the Switch version, and Dico asks players to give them a bit more time to finish up the port.

The Vagrant is immediately available on PCs via Steam. The game is also in development for the Nintendo Switch.

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