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Varnir of the Dragon Star Has Gruesome Dragon Babies That Eat Their Way Out Of Witches



Compile Heart is working on a new RPG with witches that must “eat dragons” to stay sane but that means the one inside their wombs will eventually grow and “eat their way out,” Alien-style. Here are details on the story and setting from Varnir of the Dragon Star’s official website.


Varnelia, a world where dragon fossils tower.

There’s a witch who lives in a remote forest, who was prosecuted as being the cursed one to have brought out the dragons.


A knight named Zephy was sent on a mission to hunt the witch, but he and his knights got lost in the forest, where he almost lost his life after being assaulted by a giant dragon. It was two witches, named Minessa and Karikaro, who saved his life.


After drinking dragon blood, Zephy awakens his magical powers, and he’ll find himself entangled in the twisted fate together with the witches.


The “Imperial Order” that rules the world, the “Requiem Knights” that hunt witches, the “Evil Raven” that takes on dragons, and the “Witches of Prison Flame” that is full of mysteries.


In a world where many paths cross, a story will unfold about a man who acquired the power of witches, and the witches who fight against their fate.



A “witch” is a general term for those born with a dragon seed in their womb and possess the power of a dragon. They’re constantly affected by the powerful magic of the dragon and gradually fall to insanity. The only way they can control the power is by eating a dragon, by “ingesting the blood of a dragon.”


However, there’s a bit of a morbid part to all of this, as those who ingest dragon blood will have their womb’s dragon grow, and it’ll eventually eat its way out of the stomach when it is born.


Since this happens to witches before they turn 17, and even while they eat dragons in order to live, the witches see the future as despair. Will they be taken over by madness, or will they be consumed by the dragon itself… in any case, the witches are cursed beings.


Varnir of the Dragon Star releases in Japan on October 11, 2018 for PlayStation 4.

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