Visual Novel Publisher Minori Object To Project Fan-Translation



    Japanese visual novel developer-cum-publisher Minori have voiced their objections against any attempts to fan-translate the company’s projects. Earlier today, an “editing war” of sorts broke out on the TL Wiki page for Eden, one of Minori’s games, between a representative from the publisher and users that wanted to see the translation completed.


    The Minori representative cleared the translation page in its entirety, returning later to leave a note in place, explaining the move. Translated into English, it read:


    “minori holds copyright over all the files made available on this webpage. We, minori, have removed the contents of this page because the owner of this page has not received our permission for distribution of these materials. Please understand [the above statements]. Still, if there are objections, etc., please contact Minori, Inc. in Japanese at [email protected]


    This sparked a drawn-out back-and-forth constant revising of the Eden project page, as fans of the TL Wiki made their indignation heard in the form of insults and scathing comments. Minori defended their position, stating that they preferred games developed by them be rated through the ESRB (or the appropriate equivalent) and be legitimately published overseas.


    Eventually, all information and assets pertaining to the Eden fan-translation project were rightly removed by a TL Wiki administrator. One may read about the affair in more detail at visual novel news site Encubed.

    Ishaan Sahdev
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