VVVtunia Introduces Battle Features and Even More Virtual Youtubers

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Over the past few weeks, the official site for VVVtunia has once again been updated to introduce new elements that are part of the game’s battle system, as well as even more virtual Youtubers who are set to cameo in the game.

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Check out the highlights below:

Battle (Four Goddesses)



The Four Goddesses are able to boost quickly while fighting to enhance their speed and to dodge enemy attacks.

TKMK (Tokimeki) Flash


The Four Goddesses’ bullets are able to purify the hearts of the Haters. When you continuously attack them, their Purification gauge will go up, and activate a TKMK Flash at max, which deals huge damage, and downs the enemy and prevents them from using strong attacks.


Battle (Virtual Idols)

Step Charm


Being melee weapon users, the Virtual Idol characters are able to do Step Charms, where you evade enemy attacks just as they’re about to hit, in order to activate a mode where you have an unlimited amount of MP for skills for a limited time. Try to deal big damage with skills, while evading enemy attacks to continue Step Charm.


Emotional Overdrive



By defeating enemies, you fill up a special gauge, and when it’s full you can activate a special mode where you can defeat many enemies in one go. Depending on which characters activate the ‘Duet Skill’, you’ll see different animations. Use the skill to deal lots of damage to enemies!


Special Slots


While attacking enemies continuously during Emotional Overdrive state, Special Slots will activate! Depending on what icons the slots are stopped at, you’ll earn new equipment or items as a bonus.


MV Battles

MV Battles are essentially VVVtunia‘s boss battles where the Virtual Idols will sing new songs while you face off against the extremely strong bosses. Work together to finish the boss off!

That said, MV Battles have some special systems at play:

At the bottom right, you’ll see the Sound Gauge to the left and Seekbar to the right. The stats shown are connected to the song playing in battle, and depending on which part of the song you’re at, different effects will occur. Red effects give bonuses to the enemy, Blue to the player, and Yellow will increase player stats.

Meanwhile, the Sound Gauge is increased by destroying Sound Prisms appearing around the battlefield.

By filling up the Sound Gauge, you can activate Resonance Mode, which grants a large increase to the player’s battle capabilities. You move to a special space where you can deal effective damage to bosses.

By fulfilling all requirements in Resonance Mode, you can activate Finish Drive, where characters work together to deal a combination strike together.


Additionally, here are several more Virtual Youtubers set to appear in the game who aren’t affiliated with any one group:

Check out the previous Virtual Youtuber lists here and here respectively.

VVVtunia will release for the PlayStation 4 on July 2, 2020 in Japan. The game is the first part of the celebration of the Neptunia series’ 10th anniversary.

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