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VVVtunia Introduces Skills and Brings in More Virtual Youtubers

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VVVtunia‘s official website has been updated with more information regarding V Skills and more guest Virtual Youtubers that players will find captured, and must free in order to have them help you.

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V Skills

Playable characters in the game can consume MP to use special V Skills in VVVtunia. These act as special attacks. By combining regular attacks and V Skills, players will fight their way to victory!

Here are some of the V Skills shown off:

Neptune: Ricochet Beats

VVVtunia skills

Neptune sprays bullets that spread out and will bounce off walls.

Blanc: Meteora Shower

VVVtunia skills

Blanc fires countless bullets in a cross shape continuously.

Mii: Slash Spin

Mii uses a round slash that hits enemies on all sides.

Yuu: Flying Fan

Yuu shoots arrows across a wide range.



The VVVtunia site was also updated with a look at some enemies appearing in the game. They are spoofs of various modern day cultural elements, such as Fakebook, Armor Golem (based on Danbo), Free Ten-Pull Gacha Man, Air Player (complaining about games you haven’t played), Tweeet Stealer, and Buzz Bird.


Virtual Youtubers

More Virtual Youtubers cameos have been revealed:


  • Isabella Holly
  • Katya Uranova
  • Xi Mo
  • Seika Li
  • Tamamo Jinguji
  • Rose Barrett

Horror Academians

  • Medwin Toris
  • Asakura Peace
  • Kotoko Iwashimizu

Asano Sisters Project

  • Ruri Asano
  • Akane Asano


You can check out the previously confirmed Virtual Youtubers, alongside other mechanics in the game, via our previous article here.

VVVtunia will release for the PlayStation 4 on July 2, 2020 in Japan. The game is the first part of the celebration of the Neptunia series’ 10th anniversary. Compile Heart will reveal a brand-new game next month that may or may not be another game in the series.

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