Pokemon Masters Wally and Gallade

Wally and Gallade Make Their Debut In Pokemon Masters

Wally and Gallade are now available to Sync Pair Scout in Pokemon Masters. Originally teased during one of the latest Pokemon Masters YouTube videos, this pair has finally made their debut. And they come at a perfect time, as a Fighting-Type Training event has just begun. The Wally and Gallade Sync Pair Scout will last until May 27, 2020.

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This Fighting-Type Sync Pair comes with a Mega Evolution, making them a formidable team in Pokemon Masters. After using their Sync move, Gallade will become Mega Gallade for the rest of the fight. In addition to this, Gallade’s critical hit rate will raise until the fight is over or until Mega Gallade faints.

In addition to the Wally and Gallade Sync Pair Scout in Pokemon Masters, a Sync Pair Support Log-in Bonus event is currently underway. Players that log-in during this event will receive 150 gems per day for fourteen days. So if you’re short on currency or are returning to the game, here is your chance to acquire that precious in-game currency for free.

The Blissful Bonanza is also taking place. This special event allows you to take place in extremely easy battles to receive Happy, Joy, and Bliss Tickets that you can exchange for co-op sync orbs, lucky scrolls, and even the coveted lucky cookies. In order to participate in this event you will need to clear Main Story Chapter 1. This event lasts until May 30, 2020.

Since its release, Pokemon Masters has added other fan favorites to the roster. This includes Silver and Ho-Oh, Red and Charizard, and more.

Pokemon Masters is available for Android and Apple iOS devices.

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