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Wash Your Hands to this BanG Dream Girls Band Party Playlist

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The music of BanG Dream Girls Band Party has taken up the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic with a new playlist. Of all the advice that’s been spread around about how to minimize the risk of transmission, frequent and thorough hand-washing might be the most common. But that takes time. According to the World Health Organization guidelines, a proper hand-washing session takes about 20 seconds. To put that into an easily-remembered mnemonic, some guidelines suggest singing the popular “Happy Birthday” song twice in a row to gauge the length of the wash.

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BanG Dream Girls Band Party‘s social media team, however, knows that “Happy Birthday” can be boring, and have thus put out a recommended set of BanG Dream songs for fans to sanitize to. There are six song choices in the offering, one from each of the six (not counting the recently added Morfonica) bands. Of course, all of them last for the recommended 20 seconds.

Below is each band’s song, so you too can choose your favorite girl band to help you keep your hands clean [Thanks, Erai ᴄнαη 寝る]

Poppin’ Party’s song is “Kizuna Music♪”:

Afterglow’s song is “Tied to the Skies”:

Pastel Palettes’ song is “Luminous Once More”:

Roselia’s song is “Louder”:

Hello, Happy World!’s song is “I need you!”:

RAISE A SUILEN’s song is :R・I・O・T”:

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party is available on Apple iOS and Android devices.

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