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Watch Siliconera Play The Idolmaster: Stella Stage


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It is Wednesday, which means Siliconera is live streaming today! This week, we are looking at a Japanese import at 12pm PT/2pm CT/3pm ET. It is The Idolmaster: Stella Stage for the PlayStation 4. It is an idol management simulation and rhythm game where players are a producer at the 765 Production agency working with 13 different singers to put on a legendary concert.


Since I’ve been playing for a while, we’ll be picking up in the fourth in-game year of the game. Right now, I can use Azusa, Takane, Miki, Hibiki, Yukiho, and Chihaya as leaders for groups. Azusa, Takane, Miki, and HIbiki are all C-rank idols, while Yukiho and Chihaya are D-rank. During our session, we’ll play some minigames to increase their stats, have them perform a few songs, and maybe even get the chance to rank one of them up or add a new idol to the roster!



In case you miss the stream, here’s another The Idolmaster: Stella Stage performance for you to watch! This time, it is Azusa and Yukiho performing “Ready!!” as a duo. (I have put both of them on the Duo track on the in-game Coaching board.)


The Idolmaster: Stella Stage is available for the PlayStation 4 in Japan.

Jenni Lada
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