Watch A Single Illustration From Visual Novel Flowers Being Created



The first installment of Flowers by Innocent Grey—makers of the Kara no Shoujo games—will be out in about a month. In the meantime, Innocent Grey have uploaded a video of one of the illustrations for the game being drawn.


Even sped up five times, the over eight hour illustration (of which we are spared the one and a half hours of painstakingly doing the background alone) still takes up just under an hour anda half of YouTube video footage.


Flowers’ story will follow Suoh Shirahane as she’s enrolled in Saint Angraecum Academy, an academy where communication and friendship are forced upon the students for a better future. You can read more about her and some of the other characters you’ll encounter in our roundup here and catch the game’s opening movie here.


The Spring chapter of Flowers will release April 18th.