WayForward Unveils Watch Quest Coming Exclusively To Apple Watch



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WayForward is making the Apple Watch’s first RPG. It’s called Watch Quest and will be available on the launch day of the Apple Watch, April 24th.


Watch Quest makes use of both the Apple Watch and an iPhone to work. The smartphone is used as your kingdom while the watch itself plays host to the journey that you go on. You can choose your hero, either Shantae or Bolo from WayForward’s Shantae series it would seem, and then equip them on your phone. Your hero will then travel across lands, battles monsters, solves puzzles, and find treasure on the Apple Watch.


“Players are invited to play passively by selecting longer, easier quests and outfitting the hero up front – or by taking on more difficult quests which require foraging for items as you go,” WayForward said.


Watch Quest will be available to download for free with one training quest. Beyond that, there will be a paid DLC system with Quest Packs that add new characters and campaigns.

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