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What Can We Expect at the February 2023 Pokemon Presents?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trainers

February 27th is an unofficial holiday for Pokemon fans to celebrate its anniversary as a franchise. The series has its own showcases similar to Nintendo Directs, and the next Pokemon Presents will appear on February 27, 2023 6am PST/9am ET/3pm CET. The presentation will likely feature announcements for upcoming, current, and classic games. There are many possibilities for what projects could be announced, but there are some that may likely be revealed due to previous Nintendo Directs referencing specific games or expected release dates. Here’s what we expect from the Pokemon Day Pokemon Presents.

Pokemon Red featuring Charizard

Handheld Titles Coming to Nintendo Switch Online

In the February 2023 Nintendo Direct, Nintendo revealed Game Boy and Game Boy Advance titles for Nintendo Switch Online. It makes sense to at least add the Kanto and Johto games to the Game Boy/Game Boy Color library. Game Boy Advance games might include Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, but it would be too good to be true if all mainline games came in at once. It is more plausible for the games to release periodically.

Pokemon Stadium N64

Pokemon Stadium 1 + 2 Releasing on the Same Day or Sooner

The September 2022 Nintendo Direct really shook things up when Nintendo revealed Nintendo 64 games for Nintendo Switch Online. The news that confirmed the two Pokemon Stadium games were on the way. 2023 is already here and the Pokemon Day Pokemon Presents is approaching. We could expect these two beloved titles to be ready once the presentation ends. If not on February 27, 2023, then an official release date announcement is possible.

Pokemon Unite promo image

Updates for Pokemon Unite

As one of multiple ongoing, free-to-play Pokemon games, an Pokemon Unite update could appear. Whether it would involve cosmetics for playable Pokemon or new characters is unknown. Could we see a Legendary Pokemon or another playable fan favorite? There are a lot of possibilities to consider.

Pokemon Masters EX Twitter banner

3.5 Celebration Update for Pokemon Masters EX

Every time Pokemon Masters EX hits a year or half-year milestone, DeNA celebrates with an update. Aside from a possible 3,000 gems gift after the presentation’s end, there could be a small recap of what’s going on with the game. New scout opportunities could result in new sync types. Currently, Sygna Suit Lysandre is available, and Leon is back for a rerun with his Charizard as the limited Master Sync Pair.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starters

Expansion DLC for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

We could see a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet expansion pass. Game Freak may follow a pattern similar to Sword and Shield‘s. A section is currently inaccessible in-game on the Paldean map. It is likely a hint that players will be heading over there in the near future. What kind of adventures will await?

The Pokemon Day Pokemon Presents will air on February 27, 2023 at 6am PST/9am ET/3pm CET.

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