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Where Is the Mountain Dew Rep Big Sippin in FFXIV?

Square Enix is holding its promotional Final Fantasy XIV crossover event with Mountain Dew right now, and it even has something to check out in-game. The Mountain Dew representative Big Sippin is a character from the beverage company, and you can visit his house right now in FFXIV if you know where to look.

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Where is the Big Sippin Mountain Dew house in FFXIV
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Where do I find the Mountain Dew Big Sippin house in FFXIV?

You can find the Big Sippin Mountain Dew house in the MMORPG at the following location:

  • Data Center: Primal (North America)
  • World: Hyperion
  • Location: Goblet
  • Ward: 21
  • Plot: 9

The house itself is a small one known as the “House of Sippin.” It is quite fascinating that Big Sippin seemingly is a newer character, but was able to purchase a home quite quickly. The place is decorated pretty sporadically, but there are some fascinating green themed furniture items.

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How do I travel to Other Data Centers in FFXIV

The key point when visiting the Big Sippin Mountain Dew house in FFXIV is you might not play on the Hyperion server. In fact, you might not even be in the same Data Center. If this is the case, it is no problem to visit in the modern day version of this game.

What you want to do is open up the game and be in the login screen part where you pick your character. Right click on the character you want to play as and you’ll see the option to travel to another Data Center. Select the right one for this task and it may take a moment or two as you queue up for it. Once you are in, you can just head to the plot mentioned above.

Final Fantasy XIV is available right now for the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The Dawntrail expansion will release on July 2, 2024.

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