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There Are Lots of Different Ways to Build Jade in Honkai: Star Rail

Jade in Honkai: Star Rail is one of the IPC Stonehearts and, like her fellow Stonehearts, you’ll want to build her with Light Cones and Relics that boost her follow-up attack DMG. You’ll also want to take into consideration her team and her enemies when picking out what to put on her.

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What Light Cones and Relics you use for your Honkai: Star Rail Jade build will depend a lot on what team you’re running her with, as well as what enemies you’re facing up against. For example, if Jade can reliably hit enemies with a Quantum Weakness, she’ll have a lot more use out of a Genius Set rather than an Ashblazing Grand Duke Set. When choosing Relics for Jade, you’ll want to prioritize her DMG output, so make sure she has plenty of ATK, Crit Rate, Crit DMG, and Quantum DMG.

Jade is one of those characters where all of her main Traces are very important to her. Even her Basic Attack is necessary, since she’ll be spending at least three turns using that. When upgrading her Traces, you should focus on her Talent first (as that’s the bulk of her utility), then her Ultimate, then her Skill and Basic Attack.

Here are the best Light Cones for a Jade build in Honkai: Star Rail

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  • Yet Hope is Priceless
    As Jade’s signature Light Cone, this works the best with her kit. It increases her Crit Rate and Crit DMG, as well as her follow-up attack DMG. Since Jade has a lot of down time in which she can only use her Basic Attack, the passive ability for her Ultimate or follow-up attack to ignore the target’s DEF after a Basic Attack is really useful.
  • Before Dawn
    This is Jing Yuan’s signature Light Cone but it works really well with Jade as well due to the two of them wanting similar things. It increases Jade’s Crit DMG, as well as her Skill and Ultimate DMG. She can also get a hefty 48% DMG bonus from her follow-up attack (at S0) after she uses up a Somnus Corpus stack.
  • Eternal Calculus
    Eternal Calculus is a good F2P choice because it’s a 5-star and has a great effect for Jade’s kit. It increases her ATK, which stacks for each enemy hit. It also increases her SPD for a turn when she hits more than 3 enemies at once. This is very easy for Jade to manage, since Jade’s Basic Attack, Ultimate, and follow-up attack always hits three targets at minimum.
  • Geniuses’ Repose
    Like Eternal Calculus, Genisues’ Repose is a good F2P option for Jade. it increase her ATK, as well as her Crit DMG every time she defeats an enemy. Of the non-premium Light Cones to give her, this is definitely one of the better ones.
  • The Day The Cosmos Fell
    The Day The Cosmos Fell is also a good F2P Light Cone for Jade because of its aTK increase. If you’re going up against enemies with Quantum Weaknesses, this is even better since Jade can also get a Crit DMG increase for two turns. As of the time of writing, no character can plant a Quantum Weakness outside of Silver Wolf. So if you really want to get that extra Crit DMG and you’re going up against someone without a Quantum Weakness, you might want to consider running Jade with Silver Wolf.

Here are the best Relics for Jade

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  • 4-pc The Ashblazing Grand Duke
    In terms of raw damage potential and output, The Ashblazing Grand Duke is Jade’s best Relic Set. It increases her follow-up attack DMG by 20%, as well as gives her an ATK boost. You can also get this from Echo of War: Salutations of Ashen Dreams. So players should have an abundance of this set.
  • 4-pc Genius of Brilliant Stars
    This is yet another good set for Jade that longtime players should have lots of. It increases her Quantum DMG when you only have two pieces. At four pieces, it lets her ignore a percentage of the enemy’s DEF if they have a Quantum Weakness.
  • 4-pc The Wind-Soaring Valorous
    Since this Set was in the same Cavern as Firefly’s best Set, you’d figure that it would be Jade’s. Well, it’s not. But it’s still quite good! If you can get strong sub stats on each piece, The Wind-Soaring Valorous is a great Set due to its ATK boost and its Ultimate DMG increase after Jade uses a follow-up attack.
  • Duran, Dynasty of Running Wolves
    Duran is a good Set for Jade if you’re running her with characters like Blade or Dr. Ratio. It increases her own follow-up attack every time she gains a stack of Merit. When she gets 5 stacks, she gets a Crit DMG bonus.
  • Inert Salsotto
    Inert Salsotto is also a good Set for Jade because it increases her follow-up attack DMG. The caveat is that she needs 50% Crit Rate. Since Jade wants Crit stats anyway, you should be able to reach that number either through her Relics or by running her with characters like Fu Xuan.
  • Sigonia, the Unclaimed Desolation
    Sigonia works very well for Jade if you want to use her in places like Pure Fiction because she gains more Crit DMG for every enemy you defeat.

Honkai: Star Rail is readily available on the PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices. You can only pull for Jade in Honkai: Star Rail when the “Lien on Life, Lease on Fate” Event Warp is live.

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