White Cat Project Is An Action RPG Played With Just Your Thumb



While there are plenty of 3D action RPGs for mobiles, White Cat Project hopes to stand apart by being playable using just your thumb. Famitsu recently provided a look at the game.


The game will control movement and fighting by having players simply “stretch” their thumb press or tapping rapidly. Special skills can be activated by swiping in the area and direction set for them.


Different main characters will have different styles of combat, ranging from sword types who’ll slash away to archers who can plink from afar. Rarer characters denoted by stars will be stronger. We’re not really sure how strong the eyepatch corn or what appears to be— Wait. Is that Corobo from Little King’s Story in the lower right?!?


Players can bring a party of other characters along, or play online with up to four players in real time.  You’ll be able to take on dungeon bosses and more to gather shiny loot for characters to equip.


There’s also a building simulator section, where you’ll slowly grow the flying ship/land into a full town with benefits. Its opening trailer is also pretty cute


White Cat Project is headed to Android and iOS in the later half of this year.