Wild Arms And Arc the Lad Get A Teaser Trailer For Their “Reboot Project”


Sony’s subsidiary company ForwardWorks had a bunch of smartphone titles to announce during their presser today, with some of the biggest being for two classics in Arc the Lad and Wild Arms. Here’s a teaser trailer for the two titles.


[The Wild Arms theme song is now stuck in your head. You’re welcome!]


As previously reported, Wild Arms on smartphone will feature a brand new story with characters from the series, similar to what we have in Star Ocean: Anamnesis. The original Wild Arms staff is involved in its development, including producer Akifumi Kaneko.


Arc the Lad is the other Reboot Project title on smartphone. The game will continue the story of the series, and will also feature original staff that worked on the “RPG of light and sound.”


Release dates have yet to be announced for Wild Arms and Arc the Lad on smartphone.

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