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Wizard’s Symphony Introduces Combat Features And Dungeon Talks In Gameplay


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Arc System Works released five new gameplay videos for Wizard’s Symphony that show off different battle mechanic features, as well as the Dungeon Talk feature where characters will talk as you move along the dungeon.

Gameplay #1

The first gameplay video focuses on Astel’s ‘Aether Slash’ skill that hits an entire row of enemies.

Gameplay #2

The gameplay shows off how you can use skills like Provoke to take the heat off allies who have been hurt badly.

Gameplay #3

When using each character’s Ultimate Skill, such as Spica’s ‘Divine Shield’, you will get to see a short animation. Ultimate Skills are earned by finishing the character’s respective Character Quest.

Gameplay #4

When the Harmonics gauge fills up on the top left, Alto can use the ‘Harmonics’ skill that heals allies back to full HP and cures all status conditions. Use this in a pinch!

Dungeon Talks

Dungeon Talks happen naturally between party members and backup party members as you traverse dungeons. You can read more about it in our previous report here.

Wizard’s Symphony releases for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan on February 28, 2019. Check out the latest trailer in our previous report here.

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