Wonder Gravity Introduces The Flying Countries Of Wetrust For April 1 Launch


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Wonder Gravity, Sega’s smartphone game set in a world of no land or ocean and written by Yasuko Kobayashi, was previously delayed from 2018 into Spring 2019, and Sega has now announced that the game will now see launch on April 1, 2019 in Japan. Additionally, they have updated the official site to give introduction to various new cities Hugo will explore in search for his father, Lenon.


World Map of Wetrust

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Fogmist – Country of Mist



The Country of Fogmist is located in the upper levels of Wetrust, and is humid all year round, leading to the fog that is the country’s namesake. Even within Wetrust, Fogmist is a particularly developed country with friendly citizens and safe streets. That said, there are slum streets here and there where the poor and ne’er-do-wells live.

The Kingdom is home to various industries, including a thriving tourism industry. The clock tower at the center of the island is this kingdom’s landmark, and most popular tourist spot. Other well-known tourist spots are the Fogmist Railway that circles the island, Reichenbach Forest, and the sight of the city shrouded in fog.


Barickdus – Sovereign State of Energy



Barickdus is a sovereign state which deals in the creation and application of Cindy Drives as its major industry. Originally four smaller countries, they were united into one country. The center of Barickdus is a giant Cindy Drive that is powerful enough to provide energy for the whole country with more to spare. That said, the citizens of Barickdus are surprisingly energy-efficient, having been brought up to treat energy as a limited resource.

The specialty of Barickdus are its energy drinks, which are said to be so effective that you could fight for a whole day without rest with just one drink.

Several years ago, a shipping boat crashed, and the Cindy Drive materials that spilled out has become debris polluting the surrounding area.


Lanparade – Circus Country



An entertainment country that revolves around its famous circus. Known for its boundless pleasures and sights to see, the giant tent in the middle never rests and is always holding some sort of event.

The roughly 10,000 local residents love various forms of entertainment, and are always positive and bright, but have trouble keeping on schedule.

Lately, mechanical dolls called Automata have become very popular. The large air balloons that come in various shapes are also a sight to behold. However, sometimes debris gets mixed in, and causes a huge ruckus in town.


Ulor – Country of Water



A country where water flows from the upper levels to the lower ones like a fondue fountain. It’s a beautiful place that is known as the Water Capital, and three-day gondola tours around the country is a popular tourist activity. The residents like to dress up pretty and clean, and it’s rumored that the citizens are quite innocent and naive as well. As the water is very pure, the vegetables grown here are especially delicious, and fetches a high price as an export.

The sports entertainment Astro Ball is very popular in Ulor, and the kingdom has produced many famous players. The ‘Bomber Fries’ local snack sold at the Astro Ball stadium is popular as tasty comfort food.


??? (Bouges Site)

bouges site


An area marked down in Lenon’s travel log. A giant house has been built on the main island.


Wonder Gravity is set to launch for iOS and Android in Japan on April 1, 2019. You can check out a trailer for the game in our previous report here.

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