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Work x Work Updated For Quicker Load Times; New DLC Scenarios Released


    work x work update

    Work x Work got a new update this week that reduces load times between cutscenes and gameplay, and FuRyu released two DLC scenarios featuring two new guests at Hero-sama Land.


    Check out a comparison of load times below:


    The two DLC scenarios will involve two new characters appearing as guests at Hero-sama Land – a female Umiushi-chan called Sakura who’s the younger sister of an Umiushi-chan working there, and a woman named Apple who’s looking for the 18th royal prince Elric, and seems to be related to the royal family somehow.


    Check out a teaser image for the characters below:

    work x work update 2


    It seems that the third DLC scenario will feature an idol girl who’s planning to become the next ruler of the land.


    Work x Work is available on Nintendo Switch, and DLC Scenarios 1 & 2 have been released.

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