Nintendo Switch

Work x Work’s First Trailer Features Its Two Heroes, Gameplay, And Battles



FuRyu shared a new trailer for the upcoming Switch RPG, Work x Work, a game that revolves around the friendship between the 18th Prince nicknamed “18” and a slacking part-timer named “Pochio.”


The story of Work x Work starts when a certain incident makes Prince Elric of the Yuishoal Kingdom drop down to the 18th in line to succeed the throne. He heads to “Hero-sama Land,” a theme park where anyone can become a hero, to restore his authority. There, he meets Pochio, a hard-working part-timer, who isn’t exactly great at his job. They form a rowdy duo friendship that will change the world.


As for the battles, they’re mostly set on auto-battle, except for key moments where Pochio’s job is to step in and give advice. You can get more details on the battle system and the employees of Hero-sama Land in our previous report.


Work x Work releases for Nintendo Switch in Japan on October 4, 2018.

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