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Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s Advanced New Game Mode Detailed




The launch of Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s 1.3.0 is imminent. It will be arriving on an as-yet-undetermined date next week. While we know it fixes a 1.2.0 bug involving a specific Driver and blades and adds a new game plus mode called Advanced New Game Mode, Nintendo has now let people know exactly what the later will entail. Details about changes to standard playthroughs have also been revealed.


Let’s start with the non-spoiler content. In a standard game, some new features will be available. It is possible to skip the blade awakening cutscenes, and you can lock awakened blades, to keep it from releasing. You can have more specific sorting options for your equipment and Blades. The mini-map will have icons from the Skip Travel screen. Finally, there will be an easy difficulty level that you can switch to in options.


The elements that do and do not carry over in an Advanced New Game Mode file, which can be started after beating the game and saving after the ending. Your Awakened Blades, acquired gold and items, Driver levels, Blade and Driver equipment and growth, Mercenaries level, town development levels, unique monster kills and event theaters all carry over. Your Mercenary Missions, Skip Travel waypoints, Heart-to-Heart segments and quests do not carry over.


Editor’s note: the Advanced New Game Mode details below contains some spoilers.


Details about what will be new in an Advanced New Game Mode have been revealed. New Blades include Akhos, Cressidus, Mikhail, Obrona, Patroka, Perdido and Sever. They can appear in any Core Crystal, including common ones. All Blades, including ones like Pyra and Mythra, can be dispatched on Mercenary missions. When at an inn, you can lower a Driver’s level to earn bonus experience you can trade for special items at a Troubadour. There will also be a Reverse Affinity Chart. Finally, a notable Blade’s level 4 special is unlocked.


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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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