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Xenoblade Chronicles Characters Reintroduced in a New Definitive Edition Trailer

xenoblade chronicles characters definitive edition

Nintendo has prepared a refresher for all the people planning to head into Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition on the Nintendo Switch. A new video takes a better look at all of the returning Xenoblade Chronicles characters we’ll see, showing their new looks in-action both in event scenes and in fights. While Shulk and his other Colony 9 members like Fiora, Dunban, and Reyn have appeared plenty of times before and Melia’s received a lot of attention due to her epilogue role, it’s a way to see even more of Riki and Sharla too.

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Here’s the full Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition character trailer. It begins by looking at Shulk, the protagonist. Then, it moves on to focus on Reyn, Fiora, Dunban, Sharla, Riki, and Melia. If you want to avoid spoilers, though, stop watching before the 1:45 mark. That’s when the video looks at Future Connected, the new epilogue being added for this release that looks at an extra adventure with Shulk and Melia.

As a reminder, while this version does not include the New Nintendo 3DS release’s special features, it will let you do things like decide which soundtrack it uses.

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition will come to the Nintendo Switch on May 29, 2020. Xenoblade Chronicles can be found on both the Nintendo Wii and the New Nintendo 3DS right now worldwide.

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