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Ys IX Introduces The Monstrum’s Unique Skill Attacks


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    Falcom has updated the official site of Ys IX: Monstrum Nox with new information about the Monstrums’ personal unique skill attacks.


    Skill Attacks are performed by spending Skill Points (SP) in battle. SP can be recovered by hitting normal attacks, but regains even quicker when not attacking, so use the skills without hesitation without worrying about running out.


    Wild Scratch (White Cat)

    skill attack 1

    A Skill Attack where White Cat closes in from a distance and recklessly scratches twice in a row. It’s fast, and can be comboed from regular attacks, so it’s good for a damage boost during combo attacks against high HP enemies.


    Carnage Lancer (Hawk)

    skill attack 2

    A Skill Attack where Hawk unleashes a thrust that shoots forward as if it were a laser. It’s one hit and has quite a long range, so by including this skill in his attacks, he can battle from a distance.


    Gensou Ranbu (Puppet)

    skill attack 3

    A three-part Skill Attack where Puppet takes advantage of her sweep sword’s characteristics. First she thrusts multiple times, then she does a roundhouse slash, and ends off with an explosion. Thanks to the multiple hits and wide range, it’s good not only against bosses but also against mobs.


    Stun Sword (Bull)

    skill attack 4

    Bull pools her strength and charges forward, creating a shockwave that hurts enemies in front of her. It’s close range but does high damage, and against small enemies it sends them flying and leaves them in a downed state.


    Dark Inferno (Apostate)

    skill attack 5

    A ball of darkness is created in front of Apostate, sucking in enemies nearby and doing continuous damage. As Apostate is able to move during this Skill Attack, he can retreat to a safe zone while the ball is pulling in enemies, or do additional damage to enemies stuck in the ball and can’t move.


    Ys IX: Monstrum Nox releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan on September 26, 2019. For a look at more gameplay, check our previous report for its latest footage. We also reported on the mysterious woman Aprilis, and other side characters here.

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