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Zanki Zero Is A Survival Dungeon RPG By Danganronpa Staff


Zanki Zero

Spike Chunsoft shared the latest details on Zanki Zero, the upcoming survival dungeon RPG by the Dangaronpa series staff, in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]


The main characters of Zanki Zero are actually all clones, and they’re the last remaining humans.


Minamo Setouchi – Police Officer of Pride



Haruto Higurashi – Editor of Laziness



Yuma Mashima – Madam [Ojou-sama] of Gluttony



Mamoru Ichiyo – Doctor of Greed


Rinko Susukino – Florist of Lust



Zen Kubota – Farmer of Anger



Ryo Mihanashime – Artist of Jealousy



Sachika Hirasaka – Girl of the Original Sin



As previously mentioned. the above eight characters are all clones. They will have a life span of 13 days, and within those days they will go from a child, teen, adult, and elder.


The game is a survival on Gareki (Scrap) Island. The only facility that is required for living is the water station. In order to extend the life span of the protagonists, you’ll need to build on the base and level it up.


All main characters other than Sachika are named after the seven deadly sins. When their HP hits 0 they will die and the remaining members must follow a procedure in order to revive them. This is done through the “Extend Machine” that allows you to clone the character that died. This system uses some sort of score to function.


In addition to mini-games, there’s an “Extend TV” that lets you check out a TV program that helps guide the main characters. Zanki Zero will have you explore dungeons in real-time, where you’ll fight enemies (in real-time) that can attack even while you’re going through your inventory.


Not much is known about the battle system, but it has a focus on action characteristics that even people who aren’t great at action games can enjoy. It has simple commands that will have you move and attack on the fly.


Lastly, here are some notes from the interview with the developers at Lancarse, known for developing Etrian Odyssey and Lost Dimension:


  • Instead of having amazing talents like those in Danganronpa, the main characters of Zanki Zero are closer to normal humans.


  • Many Danganronpa staff members are working on the game, and it’ll have voice talents that will meet expectations from fans.


  • The Extend TV is fully voiced.


  • The character reviving system was made to not be so easy.z


  • skills and levels carry over from the previous clone. There’s also a secret system that will have you become stronger the more you often a character dies.


  • When characters are at their younger age they’ll be able to attack more, but when they’re older they can use charge attacks easier.


  • The story doesn’t have a time limit.


  • There are dungeons being made just for the number of main characters with each having an atmosphere that is themed after their sins. They are fixed dungeons but the items appear at random.


  • As a character grows older, they’ll struggle more in battle. For example they can get hungry and lose stamina, resulting in a death. The older they get, the more ways they’ll die outside of combat-related deaths.


  • The game is expected to release this summer in Japan. Lancarse: “[laughs] It’ll be bad if we don’t (release it by Summer 2018).”


Zanki Zero will release in Japan in Summer 2018 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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