Zarude Will Appear in Pokemon GO Ahead of Secrets of the Jungle Global Release

Pokemon GO Zarude

In celebration of the global release of Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle, Zarude will make its debut in Pokemon GO. From October 1, 2021, to October 10, 2021, the mythical Pokemon will be available to encounter through completing a limited-time Special Research story. Additionally, Pokemon prominently featured in the movie, such as Hoothoot and Combee, will appear more frequently, as well as the return of the Explorer Pikachu.

Niantic is planning a host of new and returning content for Pokemon GO leading up to the movie’s global Netflix release on October 8, 2021. This includes increased chances of certain Pokemon spawns in the wild and during raids. Explorer Pikachu and its shiny variety will also reappear, as well as the appearance of a shiny Rufflet. Furthermore, players will be able to redeem free avatar items, such as the Adventure Hat and Wailmer Water Bottle.

Below is a list of all of the new planned features:

  • Zarude Special Research story
    • Complete the story to encounter Zarude. Once obtained during the event period, the Special Research story can be completed at any time.
  • Increased spawn rates for movie-related pokemon
    • Hoothoot, Combee, Drilbur, Cottonee, Dwebble, and Larvitar will appear more frequently.
  • Return of Explorer Pikachu and its shiny variant
  • Movie-related pokemon raids
    • Explorer Pikachu, Larvitar, Roggenrola, Foongus, and Rufflet and Shiny Rufflet will appear in one-star raids.
    • Lickitung, Chansey, Pinsir, Ludicolo, and Flygon will appear in three-start raids
  • Return of Jessie and James Team Rocket Event (ends separately on October 15, 2021)
  • Themed Field Research tasks
    • Tasks will lead to encounters with Audino, Rufflet, and Shiny Rufflet
  • Free Avatar items

You can check out the official Pokemon GO movie event announcement trailer below:

Pokemon GO isn’t the only game to feature the new mythical Pokemon, of course. Last year, The Pokemon Company announced that people could receive a code for Zarude in Pokemon Sword and Shield by signing up for a free email newsletter. The rogue monkey Pokemon has a special Jungle Healing move that heals all of the player’s Pokemon on the field.

Zarude and the Secrets of the Jungle event in Pokemon GO will run from October 1 to October 10, 2021. Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle will release globally on Netflix on October 8, 2021.

Andrew Kiya
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