Debunked: What the secret DS wireless option is

By Spencer . September 11, 2006 . 10:05am


This video surfaced with a supposedly “secret” option for to connect the DS with Simple Start technology. The only way to unlock this option is be to poke the wireless menu in an invisible button hidden in the top left hand corner of the wireless menu. Why would Nintendo hide this option? Is it related to Wii connectivity? Sorry, but the answer isn’t that exciting. The option is actually a translated version of the Raku Raku Musen Start set up. Japanese DS games have four options instead of three like in North American games. The option in between the AOSS and Manual Setup is the Raku Raku Musen Start set up. If you have a NEC router you can press the Raku Raku Musen Start set up button to automatically configure your DS. Since NEC routers aren’t sold in North America Nintendo must have dummied the option out. Also when you click on the Raku Raku Musen button a similar screen shows up with a green cubes at the bottom right hand corner. Plus there is no secret option found in a couple of DS games like Star Fox Command, Bleach DS, or Final Fantasy III. And if that isn’t convincing enough Raku Raku Musen Start translates to Easy Wireless Start. Props to the person who discovered the hidden option, how he/she found it is more likely an interesting story than the truth about the simple start technology.


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  • Eric Stevens

    Then this begs the question, why did Nintendo translate and include this option in the US configuration?

  • xenologics

    god forbid they spend the extra .5 seconds to translate 3 words.

  • It is probably to connect to the Wii. How much you want to bet?

  • Mioticeman

    Matt, he just explained that its for NEC routers and yet you still say its for the wii; what’s wrong with you?

  • Ewok_in_Japan

    Its got nothing to do with the wii, unless it is also going to be powered by NEC and use the registered name “rakurakumusen” setup.

  • Tobby

    i just sharted in my pants… neways why the heck would the y put it? ihate that…

  • duki

    that doesn’t work on the early versions of the DS, i tried it and it didnt work…

  • Actually, if you’re referring to the secret European/American way of accessing the option, it DOES appear in Star Fox Command, in fact this is the first game I tested it with.

    • Dakota

      lol me to i tested it on it cuz i needed to see and its all i had at hand with wifi at the time lol

  • Alex

    any version will work, calibrate your DS so that the pointer touches one square to the bottom right on the calibration screen. My question is, if they took the time to put it in, why is it so hard to reach? Isn’t it supposed to be “simple” start? Not very simple if you ask me….

  • Mgamerz

    I bet this is here because if a person with a US DS goes to Japan, you can connect to the router.

    • Dakota

      thats what i thought

  • Amy

    Umm Im confused How do I even get to the blue screen you were on

  • Dakota

    but i have starfox command and thats how i tested it ill prove it with video to lol

  • Many software builds are similar between US and Japanese versions of game consoles. This trick is probably simply a small fragment of the software that got overlooked when this feature was removed from the US version. Either that, or nobody at NOA thought that we’d find it. :3

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