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Rumour: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Cancelled

By Ishaan . July 20, 2012 . 8:30am

Final Fantasy Versus XIII has either been cancelled or development has into a different kind of game, according to a Kotaku report.

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Rumour: Third “Batman: Arkham” Game To Be A Prequel

By Ishaan . July 11, 2012 . 11:15am

The game will allegedly be based on DC’s Silver Age of comics, according to a Variety report.

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Final Fantasy XI Next Add On Is Probably "Seekers Of Adoulin"

By Spencer . June 22, 2012 . 1:23am

New zone may have a jungle and seaside town to venture through.

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Rumour: Castlevania: Mirror of Fate In Development For Nintendo 3DS

By Ishaan . May 22, 2012 . 12:30pm

Konami and Mercury Steam are reportedly teaming up to develop a Castlevania game for the Nintendo 3DS.

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Rumour: Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo Coming To North America

By Ishaan . May 13, 2012 . 12:00pm

Comments from Tetsuya Nomura indicate that North America will see the Kingdom Hearts 3D demo as well.

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Rumour: New Play Control! Pikmin 2 Will Be A Late Bloomer In North America

By Ishaan . April 24, 2012 . 4:00pm

Nintendo Power magazine claims that the modified Wii port of Pikmin 2 is finally headed to the U.S., three years after its European release.

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Rumour: Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Coming To PC

By Ishaan . April 8, 2012 . 11:30pm

A German magazine allegedly has an exclusive reveal of Dark Souls for the PC.

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Rumour: Unchained Blades Coming To Nintendo 3DS As A Download Title

By Ishaan . March 24, 2012 . 2:00pm

Xseed’s tease is possibly for Unchained Blades, headed to the Nintendo 3DS as a download game.

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Rumour: Nintendo File Trademark For “The Last Ranger”

By Ishaan . March 15, 2012 . 12:00pm

Trademarks have also been filed for “Demon Training” and “Oni Training” in preparation for the Brain Age successor.

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Rumour: Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die Headed To North America

By Ishaan . February 21, 2012 . 12:30pm

Chunsoft’s follow-up to 999: Nine Hours, Nine Doors, Nine Persons sounds like it might be headed out of Japan.

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Rumour: Leon, Ada And Chris Return In Resident Evil 6

By Ishaan . January 19, 2012 . 12:56pm

Resident Evil 6 reportedly takes place across the globe, and lets you play as Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong and Chris Redfield.

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Rumour: Epic Mickey 2 To Be Multiplatform, Have 2-Player Co-op

By Ishaan . December 30, 2011 . 11:29am

A Disney newsletter may accidentally have revealed Epic Mickey 2.

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Is Resident Evil 6 Set In China?

By Spencer . December 1, 2011 . 12:21am

While the Resident Evil series began in America, Capcom brought zombie invasions to other continents. Leon traveled to Europe for Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 was set in Africa. Will Resident Evil 6 take place in China?

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Resident Evil 6 Pops Up On Voice Actor’s Credit Page [Update]

By Spencer . November 28, 2011 . 1:32pm

Given how profitable the Resident Evil series is for Capcom, Resident Evil 6 is a given even though Capcom hasn’t said much about it. Perhaps, it isn’t too far away?

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Did Behaviour Cancel Wet 2?

By Spencer . May 17, 2011 . 2:42am

After Vivendi folded into Activision, Bethesda picked up and published Wet. This action game starred Rubi, an acrobatic assassin. Behaviour CEO RĂ©mi Racine casually announced Wet 2 right now and Naughty Bear 2 late last year… and Wet 2 may have been canceled sometime this year.