1080i resolution on the PS2?

By Spencer . October 16, 2006 . 10:31am

High definition games on your Playstation 2 with just component video cables? It might be possible. According to the team behind the Xpander HDTV Player the PS2 can display 480p, 576p, 720p, and 1080i resolution. The tool is a boot disc you pop in your Playstation 2 before loading up a game. Through boot menus you can select which resolution you want and the Xpander software will convert the game to your resolution of choice. I know you’re thinking “wait designers didn’t make games with 720p and 1080i native resolution, how does the Xpander do this? Is it magic?” Sort of. “Progressive mode sends twice the number of lines per frame (game permitting), so the resolution is increased vertically (interlaces games need 2 screen updates, or twice the amount of time to send the same video data). Progressive mode and up-scaling best describe the method used by the Xploder HDTV Player.”


Now the real question is will this really make games look a lot better? We haven’t seen it yet and there are no comparison screenshots are around. The device comes out this month so it’s only a matter of time until we will see (or not see) some real results.

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  • I have to admit for the price of £29.99 that it ain’t bad at all if it can do the job.

  • I’m going to try it out I think

  • Mayank

    any images for proof…before/after and comparison with a simialr game on xbox?

  • Zeruel

    I think what people need to understand is that normal 480i content will lag on a rear projection or LCD monitor. This upconverting software should, in theory, be able to eliminate the lag by upscaling the image at the system level. Should this work, this should either eliminate or minimize the lag.

    I have high hopes that this will be the solution for HDTV owners who want to play timing sensitive games like Guitar Hero and not have to play with the delay.

  • Matt

    I dont think that upconverting ps2 games to higher resolution is a very good idea. in order to display at high resolutions and look good the game would have to have very high res textures. also if it were this easy to output high resolutions from ps2, i think the developers would have been able to do it in game without the requirement of this add-on. if this is anything like the upconverting feature of $200 dvd players, this is going to look terrible.

  • Nice, are they going to release this for the PS3?

  • Kevin

    why would the ps3 need this? you can already change to whatever resolution you want depending on tv/game in the settings menu. if you were so interested in the PS3, you would have known that.

  • Nicholi

    A: 480i is easier for a device to create then 480p just like 1080i is easier then 1080p. to say that it takes twice as long is a lie, or at least the worst way of putting it. Say tomorrow we got a TV supporting 1620 lines of definition, manufactures may not have the hardware to process, decod, then send all that info even over an HDMI line so hey resort to only processing, decodeing, and sending half the info becuse the hardware CAN do that. so the new resolution would be 1620i. say were dealing with a 60 Hertz system to be reallistic. (hertz is just the scientific measurment for a cycle just like cm for distance)in a 1080i system you would display line 1,3,5,7… then line 2,4,6,8,… then repeat. in total you would print all the lines 30 times in the second with 60 updates. if you had 1080p the system would display all the frames 60 times per second. both update just as often, just one displays all and one dsplays half.

    B: PS2 already support signals of 480i/p, 720p, 1080i by component cable in games such as Gran tourismo 4 (1080i)

    C: any conversion takes processing power and thus would not want to try palying a game pushing the limits already with somthing trying to update it to 1080i

    D: Ps3 will likely soon have a deinterlacer at the least, possible 720p upscaler, and 1080i/p scaler. what all this means is that youll take the origional ps2/ps1 480i and correct the frames to 480p then update it to 720p then if needed convert the signal for incompatible tv’s. aka the ps3 will be faking it…..

    E: also if your worried about lag the possibility is ths system mearly waits for the next half of the frame before writing, this is to prevent tear/breaks in the video people complain about, the main reason for having progressive scan.

  • Ian

    Yeah it kinda pisses me off. I bought a tv with the 1080p. So it has progressive scan, but i dont have the money to buy a ps3 to see what it looks like, and my computer wont push 1080p, and comcast highdef is only 1080i, it kinda drives me nuts that the only way that I can see my tv in 1080p is to buy a ps3. i wish computers would do 1920×1080 or whatever the resolution my tv is, instead of 1360×768. god stupid tv ahead of its time.

  • PC1080p

    Most current PC Video cards (eg: GeForce 6150) will to 1920x1080p at 50/60Hz. I have a 1080p LCD TV and it runs the PC pic fine.

  • JD

    they should make something like that for the wii

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