Wii Shop Channel hacked?

By Spencer . November 30, 2006 . 9:33am

Already? Maybe. This video shows a console hacker downloading F-Zero without points being subtracted off of their account. Since the Wii Shop Channel uses the Opera browser it could be a bunch of fake pages, but F-Zero appears playable at the end. Anything look suspicious in the clip?

Thanks for the tip IceAmp!

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  • snake

    The wii keeps a log of games u have already downloaded so that if u have to delete a game to make space for somthing else, u can redownload it again for free. he probably just deleted the game from the consoles flash drive then downloaded again.

  • I heard about this, and I imagine this is why the new patch makes the DNS hack not work.

  • Anthony

    While I do agree with snake’s comment about already downloading the game. I think that it’s strange that it registers his number of points at the bottom of the page as “null”. I’m not a hundred percent sure but there should probably be a number there somewhere even if he did hack the virtual console. Second, I find it strange that there are no extra screens because Nintendo is probably the king of warning screens before something happens. If you look at other videos of people downloading Virtual Console games you will see multiple screens before download. So my guess agrees with snake’s that he just redownloaded.

  • Bob Holness

    He probably has a NES off screen which is connected to the TV whereas the one in the video is a fake. Thus he is able to download the origama for null pwuh.

  • Stuart

    Didn’t think the Opera browser was available in the Wii yet. So how could the Virtual console use the opera? All news reports point to Nintendo not releasing it yet and all Updates are for parental control.

    I think this site maybe need to get its facts straight.. Unless it can proove to me that virtual console is using the Opera Browser.

  • Nick

    Stuart: maybe YOU should go learn your facts before opening your mouth. You sound like an idiot.

  • scott

    Stuart, youre an idiot. go find out for yourself on youtube, or in the archives.

  • Anse

    Stuart, only browsing the internet was made available later.

  • Logan

    Yo How Did You Do That I Would Save Lots Of Money

  • dylan

    downloads don’t go fast like that!

  • it went fast becase he had a fast connection

  • cc

    idiots your all idiots of course theres a way to hack wii shop im doin it right now

  • CC

    stuart ur an idiot lol

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