Watch: Sasuke versus Naruto in Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution

By Spencer . June 26, 2007 . 5:32pm

Take a first look at Naruto and Sasuke in D3 Publisher’s upcoming Wii game, Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution. The video uses the two screen Konoha village battlefield from Naruto Shippuden: Geiktou Ninja Taisen EX and near the halfway mark Naruto slams Sasuke into the next screen. The kunai repelling move that Sasuke uses is also borrowed from Naruto Shippuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX.


New content is in the second battle where Sasuke uses the fireball jutsu and the motion commands for the Lion’s barrage.


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  • Rafael

    Ugly like hell

  • Jeff


    “You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

  • This looks really interesting to me, I like how they borrowed certain features fromNaruto Shippuden: Geiktou Ninja Taisen EX on Wii. I most likely will be waiting for N:CoNR 2/3 before I take any more interest in the this game’s series.

    Yeah, I said once and I’ll say it again, this game only have 14+ characters is probably it’s greatest let down…hopefully they will wise up and realize that going from having 20+ playable characters in Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2 to have 14+ playable characters in Naruto: Clash of Ninja “Revolution” was a very stupid idea…Ah, anything to prolong the soon to be series I guess…


  • BlueMako

    “hopefully they will wise up and realize that going from having 20+ playable characters in Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2 to have 14+ playable characters in Naruto: Clash of Ninja “Revolution” was a very stupid idea…”
    You’d think so, but then you look at EX…

  • SoulCaster, the problem is that this game IS Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX for the Wii. As much as they try to tell you that its not, everyone knows the truth. The biggest let down is that this is NOT GNT3. GNT3/4 were the best games of the series, but America will never get the chance to see them. Instead, they are getting GNTex, with old character sprites; GNTex however, is considered the worst game in the series. Let me explain to you why…

    GNTex’s core fighting engine was designed for the WiiMote, not classic controllers. In order to do moves, the WiiMote translates hand movements into attacks. However, these translations take time. If everyone uses the WiiMote, the game functions great and as it is supposed to. However, after about 5 minutes with the WiiMote, you get bored of it and switch to older style controls. Remember that translation time for hand movements of the WiiMote? Now that translation time doesnt exist. Moves which should have been safe, are now unsafe. For most characters, a simple BB is punishable into high damage combos. For even some characters, a single B attack is just as punishable. For a character like Sasori, once you knock him to the ground, he loses; because of tech catching and the inability to kamawari on the ground, he is unable to get up and simply eats an infinite. Not to mention the severe lag caused by Kankurou.

    These problems are with the core fighting engine designed for the WiiMote. Its the same reason why the entire competetive GNT community has unanimously decided to stick with GNT4 instead of GNTex. This new version of the game will most likely suffer from the same faults. Though Sasori and Shippuden Kankurou are not in the game, all videos of MVZ are showing us that Naruto and Gaara are simply the GNTex versions with different character models. Most likely, other characters are as well.

  • ryne11

    Ah. I saw this Vid On IGN

    Does anyone think D3 knows this and will fix these problems Jaxel mentioned?

  • @BlueMako – I sort understand the reason behind the lack of characters in GNTex (more so I have come to accept it). I had let that one pass because Naruto Shippuden: Geiktou Ninja Taisen EX was basically a “new” game to go with a “new” anime series, Naruto Shippuuden (hope you understand what I mean…lol).

    @Jaxel – Yeah, from what I seen in that video it really does look like GNTex with a fresh new (more like old…) coat of paint, it is clearly noticeable when the video shows Naruto fighting with his Kage Bushin no Jutsu, fight exactly like his GNTex counterpart. I see what your talking about with the controls though, hopefully the developers can learn what they did wrong and what they did right in GNTex so that the Wii-mote controls would be the perfect choice for this game.

    Sadly, I am one of the many North Americans who will never be able to play GNT3/4…as much as I would like to import it, spending money to buy a Freeloader for one game just doesn’t justify the purchase for me. Maybe come next-gen, Nintendo won’t region-lock their consoles…


  • Just to clarify something Gaara does not play the same as EX Gaara. He doesn’t have wide sandwaves and he’s probably more like GNT gaara. Sakura is different too, no super strength or anything like that either.

  • Yakusoku20

    Ok I’m a huge fan of the naruto games and the animated series, in japanese. If I can change the voices to japanese I would consider buying this, but I refuse to buy a game that sounds like nails on a chalk board. The american voice actors do not measure up to the real voice actors (except for zabuza). So inless this comes with a language function, I will wait for the new freeloader to come out, and buy the japanese Taisen game.

  • Shu_Shinobi

    I wouldn’t bet on a Wii Freeloader ever being released due to the Wii’s use of an internal flash drive. As you probably already know, a seperate memory card is needed to store Japanese game saves when using the GC freeloader, and so Datel would have to somehow get the game to save directly to an SD card so as not to format your Wii’s internal hard drive.

  • Proto man

    i agree with jaxel, why didnt they jsut release GNT3/4 instead of an edited game that that is base on a new game worse that its prequels. EX blows compared to 4 and 3.
    they even remove the ablity to do infinte combos from GNT4

  • BlueMako

    “why didnt they jsut release GNT3/4 instead of an edited game that that is base on a new game worse that its prequels.”
    Because the Gamecube, unlike the PS2, is DEAD.

  • oblivion

    the ps2 sucks the ps3 sucks the 360 sucks the wii is the best.this game does not have 14+ it has more than 20+ u guys.if u actually look at other webs than u will know more .god some people are weird

  • ruthenbert

    itwas cool

  • NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bishop

    Jaxel, ever thought that maybe you are the only one who gets bored with the WiiMote? Me and my friends NEVER use the GC controller. It makes things interesting. Besides, why would you think that it’s the worst game in the series? The lack of characters is a unfortunate side effect of having the Timeskip game. Deal with it. At least the characters you have are good characters, unlike “Clash of Ninja! Believe it!”…

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