Hope for Persona 3: FES in North America?

By Spencer . October 19, 2007 . 6:58pm

p3fes.jpgThis rumor is skating on thin ice, nearly melted thin ice, but it’s too good not to report. Over at the Atlus forums an eagle eyed member noticed Steve Prince, the voice actor for Takaya, updated his resume with Persona 3: FES and Sting’s Baroque. However, his resume has been updated again and the games are no longer on the list. That means we can’t confirm anything so take this rumor with a truckload of salt.


Update: JeremyR, thanks for the tip to check NeoGAF. Someone did a screen capture of the resume before it was updated and Persona 3: Expansion Pack is on the top of the list. It looks like we are going to see Persona 3 FES in 2008.



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  • Nekobo

    I sure hope so this makes it over here. P3 was stellar game and hands down the best RPG I’ve played in years.

  • ryne11

    So the Atlus forum members decided to bring up the listing on the site of the people doing the game so as to bring it to the attention of the Atlus overlords, thus them contacting Prince to take it down?

    Real smart ones there

  • Noun

    P3:FES and Baroque?

    Be still my heart.
    Atlus, will you marry me?

  • Someone on Neogaf spotted it first, I think.

  • Visionnerz

    Anyone that has played FES… is it as repetitive as Persona 3?

  • rainking187

    I don’t see why you’d take it with a truckload of salt, to me it seems like a sure thing now. You think the VA guy listed those on his site then later on went “Oh, right I totally forgot I didn’t do any voice work for those games because they aren’t coming to the US. Better take that down.”? This is probably the same situation as the Eternal Sonata PS3 leak. Though Atlus could do with a leak of some sort, because aside from Trauma Center I’ve got nothing from them on my future release list. Both Atlus and NIS America need to announce something if they’ve got anything.

  • Pedro Silva

    yes, YES! make it happen Atlus.

    If this is what they meant for 2008 PS2 releases… I’m all for it.

  • Shin

    This would be just great ^^
    thanks for pointing this out :)

  • jeffx

    I will DEFINITELY buy FES, that’s a no-brainer

    Baroque… please cover it so I can make up my mind. I only remember it vaguely at this point. But chances are I will buy it anyway, it’s from Atlus and I’ve pretty much got a special bank account just for them!

  • jeffx

    @Visionnerz: FES is “more of the same”. Which is exactly what I’m (and countless others are) looking for.

  • Dr. Slump

    I’m about 65 hours into P3, and I’m considering giving up. I was really into it for the first 20 hours, somewhat less so by the 40 hour mark, and at this point I’m just waiting for it to end.

    My problem with the game is its repetitiveness. The Tartarus part of the game is OK, but the High School part is about 1/4 load times, 1/4 waiting for the little time-of-day captions to move across the screen, 1/4 running around from place to place, and 1/4 sitting back and watching things happen, with a few button pushes in between. I can handle a few hours of that, but at this point I’ve had just about enough. I’m pining for a game where you actually get to PLAY most of the time.

    As for FES, there’s not much chance I’ll feel like going through this whole thing again.

  • vysethebold

    You know, the PS2 is going to end up still getting great games in 3 years. It’s like the PS3 is the new Windows Vista…

  • Andrew


    I remember telling Atlus they really should pick this up, because, again I think it’s begging for some kind of rabid N. American fanbase. Glad to see they either listened or knew all along!!

  • Chris

    In FES is there some kind of better recourse to status effects that take away your turn? Maybe ally AI that actually tries to cure rage or charm? That would be nice. So you don’t have to intentionally get poisoned just to beat the boss.

  • ryne11

    Confirmation then. Nice

  • TRON

    I really wonder what is confirmed with this? Why should it be a big secret? He probably made a mistake and after realising it just removed this false news from his site. ATLUS USA is not the secret service or something. Nothing is confirmed without a word from ATLUS USA!

  • @Tron – It’s true that this is far from official, but I would say this is a good sign that FES and Baroque are coming out. My take on this is the voice actor was excited to put up his new roles and he didn’t realize two of them were unannounced games. Word quickly spread around the internet on Atlus’ official forums. When Atlus caught wind of it they may have asked him to remove the games until later when Atlus can make official announcements at a later time.

  • ryne11

    I meant official that it was actually on his page. Not some lie spread by a bunch of people to trick ya

  • @ryne11 – gotcha and agreed.

  • Kroni

    I hope this is true, I’ve been itching to play this Baroque game. Sounds almost too perfect for me, and FES sounds nice too.

    C’mon ATLUS!

  • Roland

    I believe they will consider the cost-benefit and not release it. As much as it may make us all happy, there is not enough of us to justify the amount of money they risk to lose. We are too far into the next cycle and a 50$ plus PS2 game sounds somewhat unfair, artbook or not. Baroque and Fes bundled together for 69.99 might sell better than if the two sold alone. Needless to say, they both look like great games that should have been out two years ago. For the life of me I can’t understand why translation of Japanese to English is not done at the start of the game. Now with all the NIS and Atlus etc. PS2 games coming, it is hard to make choices of which ones to get, especially when the new generation games are starting and will continue to get better.

  • bryan

    does anyone think its possible atlus would release persona 3 fes on the psp?

  • mcmaster

    man, do you think i’ll be released for psp ? absolutely no.. not even is secure to say that will be released USA … ¬¬

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