Mothership? Earthbound landing in the USA soon?

By Spencer . December 25, 2007 . 3:34pm

eb.jpgI probably shouldn’t fuel any kind of rabbit hole rumor in fear of raising people’s hopes to unrealistic levels. However, this is about Mother (get ready Levi!) and it comes from the enigmatic insider, Surfer Girl. It’s just too tempting not to mention. Before you jump for joy please take this with a warm glass of salty eggnog. Surfer Girl says, “Mother/Earthbound series coming to Wii and/or DS stateside, very possibly next year.” It’s unclear if she means Earthbound is appearing on the virtual console (seems inevitable), if we’re getting the rumored Mother 3 DS port or if an entirely new Mother project is in the works. I hope all of the above are true.

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  • ryne11

    They might as well just put Mother 1 and 2 as well as 3 on one cart

    They would have to go back and translate 1 though as well as 3

  • Why do you do this to me, Spencer? ;_;

    *is still in denial that Earthbound wasn’t released on the VC for Christmas*

  • EvilAkito

    Surfer Girl says a lot of things, and I don’t recall many things showing any evidence of being true (correct me if I’m wrong). I’d say that Earthbound on the VC is bound to happen sooner or later, especially considering that it was one of the games Iwata mentioned when the VC was first revealed. However, I’ve given up hope on a Mother 3 localization a long time ago.

  • Visionnerz

    Hmm.. if most of SurferGirl’s predictions become true, she’s probably sucking more dick in the industry than Jade Raymond did.

    I just want Mother 3..

  • ryne11

    I never even played Earthbound, so I really want to check the series out
    Then again, I also want that Tingle RPG to come out in the US.(Ya right, as if it will come out)

  • ryne11

    Sorry to doublepost, but if they were to bring this over, would it be dubbed Earthbound 2 or would they try to give it the “Mother” name instead

  • Dr. Slump

    Wowee. If we get anything for DS I will be very very happy.

    [Visionnerz – Right, I forgot that women can only succeed in the world if they suck men’s dicks. Good one dude.]

  • Aoshi00

    Shame to say that I still haven’t finished Mother 3, it’s just hard to push the GBA cartridge into the Lite while there’re so many unfinished DS games :(..

    Even w/ its quirky humor one can’t help but chuckle at, have to admite the game feels very old at this point. So the longer they put off the localization, the slimmer the chance.. unless they do a full 3D conversion like w/ FF III / IV on the DS?

  • psirocker

    1st of all, MOTHER1 was translated. It was never brought here. The and/or part, Earthbound will come to the Virtual Console, and Mother 3/Mother Compilation will hit the DS on a MOTHER1 MOTHER2 MOTHER3 game set. As the writer of this post meant, don’t get your hopes up. It’s only a rumor.

  • tmm

    I just got the June issue of nintendo power. At the end, It says they have a suprise for next issue along with the picture of the moon. When you put it on it’s side, it resembles the Mother logo! This could mean that this is no rumor!

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