Get early access to Lost Odyssey’s downloadable content

By Spencer . March 3, 2008 . 3:31pm


Missed getting the Master’s Secret Script because you didn’t pre-order Lost Odyssey? Don’t worry. The extra item is available right now with a little help from an international Xbox Live account. If you hop online with an Asian or Japanese Xbox Live account you can download the “bonus item two piece pack” and immediately get access to the Master’s Secret Script and Weapon Guard II regardless of the game’s region. Let me explain that again: you can download the Japanese key with a US version of Lost Odyssey!


As an added bonus you can even get access to the second piece of downloadable content if you have an extra 200 Microsoft Points lying around in a Japanese Xbox Live account. As you can see in the screenshot I have Kaim equipped with the Killer Machine ring, an item that is currently unavailable in any region outside of Japan. It works just fine (except it makes the game a little too easy!) and the Memory Lamp is sitting in my inventory until I find the Nautilus.

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  • Aoshi00

    I never thought the Jpn DLC would work w/ the US ver, and was surprised that it did. Otherwise I would’ve gotten my US ver. of the game elsewhere for cheaper instead of pre-ordering from Best Buy. Other than DLC, just about everything is compatible, even my Jpn new game-plus save working w/ the US game.

    I’ve been quite anxious to get the 2nd DLC like the lamp that lets us watch the cutscenes (the extra novel was in my book). My Idolmaster point card is in the mail, so will get that very soon.

    The master script and machine ring do make things a little too easy and unbalanced, so it shouldn’t be recommended for the first playthru in my opinion.

  • Stayfun

    thnx for the headsup !

  • p!ry311

    how do i make a jap live account? toget the dlc?? im curious i never tried that

  • @piry311 – Sign up for a hotmail account in Japan and then make a new Gamertag linked to the Japanese hotmail address.

  • Dante

    Hey I would really love to get ahold of that memory lamp. I made my Japanese account, and see the DLC for 200 MP.

    Is there anyway to acquire Microsoft Points on the Japanese store without buying a 1600 point card? Credit cards won’t work and I don’t want to spend 20 bucks to get a 1600 point card and only use 200 of the points!

  • Dante

    Ok well I acquired a 200 point card from an Xbox Live kit, and I can confirm that this method works perfectly! I just downloaded the content and everything was there when I loaded up my game :)

    Thanks for posting Spencer

  • Phil

    How did you acquire a japanese Xbox Live kit??

  • @Phil – A Japanese Xbox Live kit? I’m not sure I follow, but you and everyone else can get access to Lost Odyssey’s DLC by simply opening a Japanese Xbox Live Account (i.e. register with a JP hotmail address) and adding a Xbox Live Point card from Japan.

  • Phil

    Any tips on which site to buy Japanese point cards? I’ve only stumbled upon play-asia and I don’t feel like paying 30 bucks to get a 1600 point card just so I can spend 200, unless the new dungeon is playable in the US version from JP DLC.

  • @Phil – The only place to get Japanese point cards in North America is from import shops like Play-Asia, NCSX, etc. If you have a friend in Japan ask them to go to 7-11, which sells cards there.

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