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Lost Odyssey And Blue Dragon Added To Xbox 360 Marketplace

By Jenni . December 14, 2016 . 10:41am

Mistwalker’s Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon are now available both physically and digitally. In addition, Lost Odyssey is temporarily free until the end of 2016 to celebrate the anniversary of the Xbox One backward compatibility program.

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Dive into Lost Odyssey’s Seekers of the Deep

By Spencer . May 23, 2008 . 1:35am

The third (well, second for North America) piece of downloadable content for Lost Odyssey is about to arrive on the US/Canada Xbox Live Marketplaces today. We talked about it before, but in case you don’t remember for 400 Microsoft Points ($5) you get an extra dungeon. The Seeker of the Deep (aka Seeker of the […]

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Lost Odyssey downloadable content journeys to North America

By Spencer . April 25, 2008 . 1:06am

Daniel sent in a tip (thanks!!) pointing towards Opposable Thumbs' article on the Lost Odyssey Bonus Pack, which comes out later today. For 200 Microsoft Points ($2.50) you get the Shattered Bond item to unlock an additional dream somewhere near the Castle of Uhra, the Memory Lamp and a Killer Machine Ring. This content was […]

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Warning: Lost Odyssey dungeon pack may not be region free

By Spencer . April 11, 2008 . 9:16am

The previous two Lost Odyssey content packs on the Japan's Xbox Marketplace are compatible with the North American version. Seekers of the Abyss, the recently released extra dungeon, might not be. Aoshi00 sent an e-mail with his experience:   “After d/ling the patch (80+ Mb), I put it the US version of disc 4 (my […]

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Downloadable dungeon brings Lost Odyssey to the abyss

By Spencer . April 7, 2008 . 6:48am

Instead of getting a shuffle dungeon creator like Blue Dragon, Mistwalker has a static dungeon called the Seeker of the Abyss as the third piece of downloadable content for Lost Odyssey. To enter the extra dungeon you need to be on the forth disc. With the Nautilus, dive into the sea and search around the […]

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Get early access to Lost Odyssey’s downloadable content

By Spencer . March 3, 2008 . 3:31pm

Missed getting the Master’s Secret Script because you didn’t pre-order Lost Odyssey? Don’t worry. The extra item is available right now with a little help from an international Xbox Live account. If you hop online with an Asian or Japanese Xbox Live account you can download the “bonus item two piece pack” and immediately get […]

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Lost Odyssey’s dream sequences or North America’s introduction to sound novels

By Spencer . March 1, 2008 . 1:58am

Besides releasing Mystery Dungeon games Chunsoft is also well known for making sound novels. The experience is very much like reading a book, only in an atmospheric setting with a gentle soundtrack. When Kaim dreams players are treated to interactive prose peppered with PowerPoint-like text transitions. While the moving text has new effects (and probably […]

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Lost Odyssey is “better than loving a real person”

By Spencer . February 13, 2008 . 11:24am

Lonely on Valentine’s Day? Singapore’s Xbox division understands and takes this opportunity to suggest games with strong single player elements for “you to become lost in for the duration of Valentine's Day.” This is a marketing list, but the tongue-in-cheek humor makes it notable. For instance, “Lost Odyssey should provide more than enough material for […]

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Only in Hong Kong, Mos Burger’s Lost Odyssey meal

By Spencer . February 6, 2008 . 7:07pm

Lost Odyssey commercials began airing on US TV last week. Meanwhile an English version of the game is already out in Asia and Microsoft isn’t missing an opportunity to push it. Gamers in Hong Kong can pick up Lost Odyssey at Toys ‘R Us and show the receipt to a local Mos Burger to receive […]

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Download a memory lamp and a new dream for Lost Odyssey

By Spencer . January 30, 2008 . 12:24pm

Microsoft is releasing a special item three point pack for Lost Odyssey on February 7 in Japan. Lost Odyssey’s trio of goodies consists of a new combat ring called Killer Machine, a memory lamp sitting in the Nautilus that lets players view old events and a new entry of the thousand year dream. The sequence […]

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European importers get early access to English Lost Odyssey

By Spencer . January 24, 2008 . 10:51am

The Asian version of Lost Odyssey has something the Japanese version doesn’t English and Chinese text. If you add in three different voiceover tracks: English, Japanese and Korean, this is a prime import. Now only if it was region free… and it sort of is!   Play-Asia notes the Asian version of Lost Odyssey will […]

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The depth of Lost Odyssey’s 1,000 year dream

By Spencer . January 23, 2008 . 5:19pm

Lost Odyssey is about a group of immortals and it takes place far in the future where Kaim, the male protagonist, lost his memory. His past is detailed through a series of dream sequences called the 1,000 year dream. Players encounter these prose passages while playing Lost Odyssey and one of them can be downloaded […]

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Lost Odyssey’s earlier English release

By Spencer . January 11, 2008 . 12:03pm

On February 12, a fully localized version of Lost Odyssey will arrive in North America. However, you can get access to Lost Odyssey with English voices and menus two weeks early by picking up the Asian version. Play-Asia notes the dual English/Chinese text release will come out on January 24. Please take note that this […]

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Lost Odyssey downloadable content arrives in January

By Spencer . December 21, 2007 . 5:36am

A month after Lost Odyssey’s debut Microsoft is releasing the first round of downloadable content. It contains a new dream sequence from the Thousand Year Dream and the Tatsujin no Hiden Sho which dons characters with the Weapon Guard II skill . On January 10, 2008 Xbox Live Gold members can download the pack for […]

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Listen to english voices in Japanese Lost Odyssey

By Spencer . December 7, 2007 . 1:08am

Importers take note, the Japanese and Asian versions of Lost Odyssey have two language tracks: Japanese and English. It’s rare for a Japanese release to get this kind of treatment because companies know they can make some extra cash by selling international versions where the English voices are considered an extra. While English voice acting […]